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Mark Tilbury


Fleet has been helping me build and grow the ‘Strike It Big’ discord for two months now, and he’s been nothing shy of exceptional.

Not only has he created and managed every requested channel, he also used initiative by improving & tidying things up when required.

The greatest part about working with Fleet is his know-how and insights. He is able to identify and suggest ideas to improve the server, which is fantastic.

We have now scaled to over 10,000 server members in 2 months with Fleet by our side from the very beginning.

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Live Streamer

After browsing tutorials on YouTube, I stumbled upon Fleet’s videos and quickly realized that the work involved was more than I had initially imagined. Instead of just following his tutorials, I was impressed by Fleet’s talent and wanted to get in touch with him.

To my surprise, Fleet responded within 24 hours and jumped on a call to provide a perfect strategy and structure that exceeded my expectations. He was easy to talk to and communicated quickly throughout the process. Fleet also did his due diligence by quickly understanding what was important for me as a streamer and for my community, as every streamer is unique. He took the time to get to know me and my community, and applied that personal touch to the Discord server.

Even to this day, Fleet is there whenever I need him, which gives me a sense of security. His experience in the field is evident, as he always comes up with great ideas. I have already recommended Fleet’s expertise to my friends who are also streamers, and will continue to do so in the future.

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NFT Project

Fleet reached out to our Discord and pointed out a number of different areas where we could make our server more engaging, informative, and interactive for our community of some +21,000 members.

Being one of the largest memecoins and crypto projects on the Solana blockchain, we ultimately felt it was best to bring Fleet to our Discord and have him revamp it.

Needless to say, Fleet far exceeded our expectations. Not only was he incredibly professional and insightful, but he took the time to listen to our needs, share his own thoughts, and go the extra mile all the way through. Glad we were able to lean on his expertise and trust him all the way through. We will most certainly work with him again in the future!

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Because Bitcoin

Paid Access Community

Fleet and his team did a fantastic job building out the Because Bitcoin Discord.

We had a thorough list of items stretching from increased security to user experience and Fleet was able to accomplish everything that we asked for.

I would recommend Fleet to a friend without question.

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Jackson Fall

Social Media Influencer

Fleet has been the maestro and mastermind behind our new and quickly growing community, Makeshift, from day one. For it, he deserves nothing short of a standing ovation.

With lightning-fast setup times and an uncanny ability to seem to know just where everything needs to go, he’s been integral in building a bustling and vibrant space where people feel welcome and creative. For his work, both on the setup and ongoing, he has been a godsend for us. I recommend him fully for any community-related project.

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Simon Squibb


Fleet was highly recommended and was so easy to work with. I had one call with him and he just went above and beyond to make sure everything was done. I would 100% work with Fleet again and would trust him to do a really good job. His Discord knowledge is outstanding, so if anyone wants to create a Discord server or needs theirs freshened up please contact Fleet.

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